First picture: mine, dated September 6th, which wasn’t even close to the first time I posted this offer. I have posted this offer at least twice a day for over a week now.

Second picture: her offer. Anybody noticing anything, here?

I’m all for some friendly competition, but this is just being a fucking dick if you ask me. I don’t care if you start up a raffle the same time I do, or do a similar sale, I mean hey- we all have to find inspiration somewhere, am I right?

But this is just stupid. This is mean. Stole my banner, stole the “xoxo” part on the end, even stole the “far far away” part of the sale- which was the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT OF MY SALE- I LOST MY FUCKING GLASSES FAR, FAR AWAY. Now I understand you may be thinking that space and Star Wars are very popular, but come on. She has seen my offer. And she ripped it off. It’s very clear. If it were one thing, maybe. But there are 3 similarities I am seeing here, very BIG similarities.

Ugh, so fucking stupid. I really do hate the internet sometimes.


it doesn’t matter anyways, tbh. ryden is hands down the most popular girl on mygirlfund and she’d get more money than any other girl anyways. i’ve seen tons of girls use this style of promo before you and ryden has used a galaxy theme several times herself. other camgirls just need to stop fighting with ryden in the first place because she has a mob of followers who will just come at you crazy. just stop.

fucking obviously. but im not gonna let her sit and do this without at least letting all of my followers/customers/her customers know that this is a thing that is happening

i dont care, i know nothing will be resolved, it is just a banner

and i know exactly why she did the far, far away thing- i follow her myself.  i am glad she is moving out of her shitty living situation, but guess what? i have an equally as bad living situation and guess what? i am not only paying for myself, but i also have a husband to support, too! we all have shit to pay for!

im not trying to fight with ryden, i just want people to know that she cant even come up with anything herself to sell the very little content she has. i worked hard on that banner, and even if its shitty, it took me a long time! i was proud of it!

so dont tell me to “just stop”, whoever-the-fuck-you-are, because i have been working this job just as fucking long as her and i deserve some fucking respect

respect is earned and not deserved. whining about something as petty as this isn’t going to give you anything, but negative publicity that won’t solve your problem. you can’t bitch about ryden stealing your banner when this isn’t even close to the first time she’s used this theme because she’s done it before and so have tons of other cam girls. therefore bitching about people not having originality is irreverent since this theme isn’t original at all. if you really need to support yourself and what not camming isn’t a job for you it doesn’t bring that much income in without having another source of income on top of it UNLESS you’re really popular like ryden. i would know this because once upon a time i was a decently popular model. case and point: you saying anything negative about someone with as much power in your business as ryden will get you nowhere.

LMAO OH MY GOD. i didn’t even see your offer (i made the graphic before even LOGGING IN today!) and the fact that you’re making this big of a deal out of it makes you look like a child. PS i've been signing my name ryden xoxo since i joined mygirlfund in march of 2011. you really need to grow up and stop being angry ovER SIMILAR CONCEPTS JFC I FEEL LIKE I’M IN 9TH GRADE ART CLASS ALL OVER AGAIN GUYS. being competitive EXACTLY AS YOU ARE will get you nowhere in the adult entertainment world. ever.

Wait, so if she can see how is she able to use the computer?

I didn’t know you had to be legally fucking blind to wear glasses, my bad. I’ll let my doctor know right away that he was wrong 8 years ago when he prescribed my first pair to me, you’re so right.

But you said you can’t read without your glasses, or even walk up stairs.. Your words, not mine, lady.

My name isn’t “lady” and reading things to get around is much different than sitting 4 inches from a screen and replying to people at my leisure.

How dense can you get?